Dr. Levine´s solution
with the LinkSymphoKnee

Patient case from Chicago, Illinois, USA

Prof. Dr. Brett Levine, MD, MS

Professor of Orthopaedics
Rush University Medical Center
Service Line Director
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Center



Gradual Aseptic Loosening of a Revision TKA Implant:

  • 61-year-old female received a revision knee implant to her left knee 10 years ago
  • Suffered worsening pain over 10 years, which has intensified over the last 6 months
  • Limping, diminishing quality of life
  • No significant past medical history in general
  • ROM 0-115 degrees with recurrent effusions
  • Pre-op work-up
  • Negative ESR/CRP and aspiration



  • Intraoperatively the femoral component was grossly loose

  • Tibial component came out easily as well

  • Planned for femoral and tibial cones due to history of aseptic loosening



Implantation of LinkSymphoKnee using:

  • LinkSymphoKnee CCK femoral component

  • uncemented tibial and femoral press-fit stems

  • PS+ Tibia Insert used for an improved stability

  • Femoral and Tibial FlexiCones


Clinical Outcome:

  • Good stem purchase bypassing loosening site

  • Posterior condylar offset restored

  • Joint line maintained

  • Five degrees increased ROM compared to Pre-OP

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Prof. Dr. Brett Levine, MD, MS

Patient Case from
Chicago, Illinois, USA

Prof. Dr. Georg Matziolis

Patient Case from
Eisenberg, Germany

Dr. Jens Klingebiel

Patient Case from
Hessisch Lichtenau, Germany 

Prof. Dr. Georg Matziolis

Patient Case from
Eisenberg, Germany

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